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NTE Discovery Park, located in Campbell River, BC, is a self-sustaining, net-zero industrial park offering industrial land, buildings, and warehouses for lease, aiming to mimic natural ecosystems for efficient use of energy and waste.

40 MWS of Hydro-Electric Power
100+ Acres of Developable Industrial Land
Onsite Wastewater Treatment Facility
2 Deep Water Piers for Ocean Access
Industrial Scale Landfill for Disposal of Waste
Access to Fresh and Saltwater Sources

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NTE Discovery Park

Located at Campbell River on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and managed by New Times Discovery Limited, our Canadian subsidiary, Discovery Park is a 1,200 acres (4.9 km2) industrial park providing industrial land parcels, buildings, and warehouses for businesses to lease.

Existing site infrastructure features an electrical substation that is connected to two 138 kV transmission lines, providing over 200MW of 100% renewable hydro energy power supply from BC Hydro, sourced from a dam approximately 6 km away from the site with a rate as low as C$0.05/kWh. Additional facilities include a solid industrial waste landfill to handle hazardous substance disposal needs, a complimentary wastewater treatment facility, fresh water supply, and two deepwater piers for dock usage and direct ocean water access.


Establishing a Sustainable Circular Ecosystem

NTE Discovery Park is currently leased to tenants in industries including but not limited to green data centres, modular construction, marine services, and steel fabrication. New Times Energy is working on redeveloping Discovery Park into a green-tech hub to attract new tenants that align with our ESG mandate. The site is an ideal candidate for aquaculture, green hydrogen, as well as renewable natural gas given the low-cost electricity on-site and ample supply of ocean and fresh water. We are actively exploring ways to bring such projects to fruition through support and cooperation from local and federal government.

We are actively seeking to partner with well-known and established ag-tech companies both in Canada and globally to provide efficient, localized food supply solutions and using indoor farming technologies. Discovery Park will contribute to redefining the way traditional agriculture is being carried out for certain food groups, by overcoming seasonal and climate constraints, and eliminating wasteful long supply chain agriculture that ultimately benefits the Western Canadian people, resources, and economy.

NTE Discovery Park will produce energy, green and renewable. It will produce food and jobs. Not only will it deliver all this and more, sustainably, it will also add a digital transformation technology hub to ensure the continued development of green projects and technologies. NTE Discovery Park is a bold example of just what we can do when we include the planet in our plans.


Green Ammonia / Hydrogen Plant

Traditional ammonia is one source of fertilizers and fuel, but with high C02 emissions—nearly two tonnes per tonne of usable ammonia—the cost of production is just too dear.

In our green ammonia plant, we’ll be able to capture 550 to 700 MT of ammonia per day, carbon-free and 100% renewable. Plus, the plant will heat the entire park and provide oxygen for the on-land aquaculture facility.



550 ~ 700

Ammonia per day (MT)




Sustainable On-land Aquaculture

Salmon is an excellent high-protein food source for human consumption—but wild stocks are under stress. One solution is on-land salmon farms. Our aquaculture facility will produce 80,000 tonnes of salmon per year making it one of the biggest on-land aquaculture facilities in the world. Fed by an existing water supply, and with heat and oxygen produced at the ammonia plant, this facility benefits from a reduced environmental footprint.

Bio-fuel Plant

We’ll convert regional wood waste and fish sludge to renewable natural gas. The process isn’t emission-neutral, so we’ll use the C02 we produce to grow food in our vertical gardens.

Vertical Farming

We plan to use our bio-fuel plant’s CO2 for vegetable growth, lessening our carbon footprint. Compared to traditional agriculture, vertical farming reduces land and water use by up to 98%.

Data Hub & Generative AI Center

Energy and food systems are changing. Digital transformation can make them seamless.

Digital transformation is the process of integrating technology into business. It streamlines processes and delivery and ensures future readiness, but it also requires an enormous amount of expensive infrastructure. With digital partners already onboard, plus a high-speed fibre optics infrastructure, NTE Discovery Park is halfway there.

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